Casting compound ELPECAST® Wepesil VU 4675 features high thermal conductivity

As a highly elastic silicone casting compound, ELPECAST® Wepesil VU 4675 features a shore-A-hardness of 30–40 and a high permanent thermal resistance of up to 200 °C.

It protects and insulates electronic components and assembled pcbs against extreme climatic conditions and aggressive media. Thanks to its ceramic fillers, VU 4675 reaches a very good thermal conductivity of approx. 1.2 W/m*K and is therefore best suited in applications where heat is to be dissipated rapidly from high power LEDs to a wide area.vu4675_small

Moreover, this grey solvent-free casting compound stands out for its excellent resistance to chemicals and weathering, and is also classified as hardly flammable due to its chemical characteristics. In case of repair it can be easily removed.

Given its ideal mixing ratio of 1:1 parts by volume or weight and its good flow, ease of processing is guaranteed.

The ceramic fillers have a Mohs hardness of 9.0; one should therefore consider abrasion when processing this product in mixing and dosing units.

Curing is effected at room temperature but may be accelerated by heat (e.g. 15 min at 125 °C). The ELPECAST® casting compound Wepesil VU 4675 is addition cross-linking, this way, no product is eliminated in the curing process; in addition, it generates only low heat and a low shrinkage pressure when cured.


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