Charlie and his friends: what do animals have to do with a high-tech portfolio?

Wildlife consistently shows us how breathtakingly flexible nature can be in adapting itself to the many different demands of its environment. Essemtec is modelled on this ability for adaption, and has developed its systems based on the “naturally adaptive” principal.

Picture 2 Fox “Bruno”

The core business of Essemtec AG is to develop and provide highly flexible and adaptive SMT assembly equipment. The FOX and the Paraquda line completely fulfil these requirements. The modules are designed for highly flex prototyping and small batch production. These systems have some outstanding features: a high number of feeder positions (up to 240 x 8 mm tracks per module), multifunctional solutions, combining assembly with jetting and dispensing of most various medias (such as solder paste and glue), on the same machine and intelligent component feeding that secures a product and setup change on the fly, to name only a few. Now for the first time you also have the option to extend the modules and gain a massive increase in the pick-and-place performance. With the market introduction of FOX 4, line assembly performances of 50’000 cph/h over only three modules have become a reality. This concept covers every scenario, from a stand-alone module to a full production line and also allows expansions in any direction; this is Essemtec’s understanding of “investment protection”.

Another key segment is jetting and dispensing. The secret of these clever batchers, which have been developed for both high-speed dispensing/jetting (e.g. 150’000 dots/h) and micro dispensing, is the process technique. Lead by the automotive industry, glue jetting is experiencing a real revival; for example the LEDs in the new intelligent matrix headlamps must now be glued as part of the process. Both the Spider and the Scorpion systems comply with this task and can run up to four processes parallel. These include high performance glue and solder paste jetting, component underfilling, drawing dams and cover application to name but a few. There is also the option to transfer these processes to a pick-and-place machine.

An intelligent storage and logistics system, for an effective supply of the productions materials, increases production efficiency. It guarantees that the required material is always at the right place at the right time. 60% of line shutdowns occur because of material logistic issues. The software package and associated interfaces secure connections over PLM, ERP and MES systems. Reels, trays and even loose material are automatically stored and provided on demand. With the help of our strategical partner, Cogiscan, and the software solution, Co-NECT, most of the today’s production systems, all common back office systems (ERP, MES, etc.) as well as user-specific solutions can be integrated over a “middleware”.

The heart of any system is the software. Today Falcon may be one of the most revolutionary software packages in the SMT industry. The software is designed as a “touch and play” with a 21.5” touchscreen and has a Windows 10 operation system over a 64-bit computer base. Many features are integrated to support highly flexible production and give the operators an overview of the efficiency of their system. An intuitive structure ensures a fast training curve. All Essemtec production solutions run on the same Falcon e-place software base and are fully cross compatible.
To complete our Portfolio we partner with different world leaders we trust. Ersa Versaprint B1 is our Inline Printer partner as PBTworks takes care of our standalone printers. Cogiscan is the software partner for any kind of special integration and middleware. Achat5 is managing the board handling systems in our line solutions.

From a cell production up to a high-performance assembly line; everything is possible with Charlie and his friends.


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