Cleaner R 5888: Ecological and Efficient

A well-known industrial user has now had positive experience with the cleaning agent R 5888 from Peters. This was confirmed to the Kempen-based full-range supplier of coating materials for electronics. “We are pleased to learn that our environmentally friendly cleaning agent has been well received by a renowned user,” says Peter Heuser, who works as a project manager in Peters’ application technology department. Peters carries this agent in their range especially for cleaning dirty tool carriers. ELPESPEC® R 5888 is a water-thinnable, biodegradable cleaning agent that combines easy handling with high user safety. It dissolves and removes common conformal coatings from product carriers, tools or fasteners. Supplied as a concentrate, it simplifies storage.

Background: Peters provided this user with a sample can containing the product R 5888. The company had the cleaning agent tested in a spray coating machine by a company specialising in production technology. The tests satisfied the user, as also documented in the test report.
In the respective washing system used for cleaning soldering and ink frames, the cleaner from Peters Research in Kempen proved its worth. According to the user, one advantage of the Peters product is the fact that it is suitable for both ink and solder frames. Within the test cleaning process, eight ink frames and five solder frames were treated at 60°C for 20 minutes. The ink residues on the tool carriers were easy to remove, with the result that the operating times of the tool carriers can be extended. Even conformal coatings that are difficult to peel off once hardened can be removed. This means that time-consuming mechanical cleaning work can be dispensed with. Peter Heuser explains: “This is a gain for every production.”

R 5888  – ecologically sustainable cleaning
The results convinced the customer in such a way that immediately after evaluating the results, he decided to include the cleaning process for future productions. Because, according to Peter Heuser, clean tool carriers not only mean exact and reproducible positioning of the assemblies in the coating area, but also precise coating and thus reduction of scrap and rework. Moreover, they stand for a higher process reliability through trouble-free transport. “In other words, higher utilisation and longer operating times of the tool carriers,” says the Peters expert.Conclusion: The cleaning process with R 5888 contributes to an increase in quality and efficiency while reducing the cost of production downtimes and rework. Peters is now eagerly awaiting further field reports with regard to the R 5888 cleaner.


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