Cleaning agent monitoring and dosing in one module

E15-13E-Cleaning-agent-monitoring-and-dosing-in-one-moduleThe ZESTRON® EYE CM (Concentration Management), an automatic module for controlling the concentration of the cleaning bath, was featured at Productronica in Munich. Following market introduction in early 2015, it is being successfully used by customers. The centerpiece of the ZESTRON® EYE CM is the proven ZESTRON® EYE measuring system. It displays precise, real-time concentration measurement by simultaneously measuring three parameters, even with a loaded cleaning bath. Optical methods such as the refractive index cannot provide such reliable performances.

By using the ZESTRON® EYE CM, time and cost savings can be achieved as the unit offers complete automatic control of cleaning agent concentrate and DI-water. Manual concentration measurement and wash bath replenishment by the operator is no longer required. Therefore, the cleaning process is safer and the workload is noticeably reduced.

This all-in-one solution is easy to integrate into the cleaning process and compatible with all major cleaning machine models used in electronics manufacturing. Moreover, the measuring parameters can be saved up to two years to ensure process traceability.


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