Components with elevated glow-wire ratings from SCHURTER

filenameAs a leading producer of fuse holders and power sockets, SCHURTER manufacturers a large number of products made of plastic materials with high glow-wire ratings. These are above all shock-safe fuse holders in the successful FPG series, which are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes as well as fuse blocks for assembly on circuit boards. Power connectors rated for 10 A and 16 A, including with a wide range of assembly types and various terminals, also meet these stricter requirements.

SCHURTER thus fulfills and exceeds the strict guidelines concerning fire prevention for electrical devices that are operated in households unattended. Which appliances are considered to fall under the «unattended» category and thus need components of this glow-wire category is defined in standard IEC 60335-2. Examples of such appliance types are dishwashers, coffee machines, washing machines and kitchen stoves.

You can find a list of components with elevated glow-wire ratings on the SCHURTER website [1] where you have also access to datasheets, CAD models and e-shop. Visit also the microsite glow-wire [2].


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