DA 90 Low Temperature Die Attach Adhesive Series Materials

DA 90 Low Temperature Die Attach Adhesive Series Materials  

The DA 90 series materials are YINCAE’s new low temperature die attach adhesives. The DA 90 series offers conductive and insulating options to suit a large variety of applications. These products can be cured at low temperatures (82 – 90°C) and can be used for high temperature applications (215°C for 15 years). In addition to low temperature curing, these products also offer no delamination, high reliability, and high thermal and electrical conductivity. DA 90 series die attach adhesive materials are commercially available and are currently being used for insulating and conductive die attach applications.


Additional information regarding DA 90 products is available by contacting YINCAE at info@yincae.com.


If you wish to visit the official website of YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC, please visit us by clicking the following link: YINCAE Website.


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