DEN-ON INSTRUMENTS, CO., LTD. Japan advances rework technology without major cost increase

DEN-ON RD-500V LRDEN-ON INSTRUMENTS, CO., LTD. is pleased to announce new improvements to its long-standing RD500 Series Rework Station. The RD500V series is now higher powered and comes with added profiling features that have evolved the system into an even easier to use and very intuitive machine for engineering and operator use.

Component packages and PCBs continue to develop into more complex designs, including ball grid arrays, BGAs, MSMDs and surface mount technologies. New advanced technology equipment, capable of handling the removal and rework of these designs is critical to electronics manufacturing production. DEN-ON INSTRUMENTS, CO., LTD. of Japan has built a reputation over the last 50 years for its high quality repair equipment in the SMT industry driven by new technology demands.

The new advanced RD-500V series rework systems feature semi-automated single axis placement and a reflow station for BGA/SMT, that combined with its existing design, leads to higher-performance, higher-powered three-point hybrid heating system and advanced control technology, designed for safe lead-free and eutectic rework applications. Available in two models, the new efficiently powered RD-500V series now features a three-stage heating system that produces up to 5.6 KW (large model) overall thermal output, an increase of 40 percent over the older RD500 series model, giving the RD500V series sufficient thermal capacity with well managed control to execute precise profiles on small to very large scale, complex, multilayered circuit boards (PCBs) up to 500mm x 700 mm.

The capabilities of the rework station allow for some of the more difficult to profile packages, such as metal shielded, ceramic (CCGA), thermal heat sink devices, plastic column BGAs (PBGA) and 01005 devices. These unique profiles are obtained by the localized top and bottom hot gas heaters and the bottom area array fast acting infra-red (IR) heating system that provide safe and uniform heating throughout the board. The new higher magnification – high resolution digital optics provide quick and easy parts placement, accurate to within +/- 0.015 mm. This is very important for component sizes such as 01005 and the now upcoming smaller devices.

Additionally, the proven technology low air flow design heaters eliminate the need for variable flow rate adjustments. Finally, the RD-500V series features new micro-controlled stepper motor driven automated pick-and-place with feedback control of the part placement force for more accurate part placement after rework.




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