ECD expands successful SmartDRY™ intelligent dry storage portfolio with addition of SmartDRY SD-48F


SmartDRY™ SD-48F is designed to accommodate feeders and feeder cassettes

Launched less than a year ago, ECD’s SmartDRY™ intelligent dry storage technology has dramatically changed the way manufacturers approach storage for moisture-sensitive devices (MSDs).  With SmartDRY’s many unique features, electronics assembly specialists now have an affordable, sophisticated dry storage solution that is more conducive to dynamic manufacturing environments.

Initially introduced in 10 and 30 cubic foot configurations, SmartDRY has exceeded first year projections by almost double and this success has driven development of a third model, SmartDRY SD-48F.  The larger, 48 cubic foot SmartDRY SD-48F is designed to accommodate many different feeders and feeder cassettes, enabling maximum dry storage capability for high MSD component volumes.   SmartDRY SD-48F is compatible with feeder technology from multiple vendors and maintains the elegant design of the original SmartDRY systems.


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