EMI filters for soldering irons eliminate electrical overstress (EOS)

Mail AttachmentOnFILTER’ patented EMI filters for soldering irons protect your sensitive components from EMI-caused electrical overstress (EOS) by providing noise-free AC power and ground to soldering irons and rework stations.

OnFILTER’ Soldering Filter APN515LGAccording to Intel’s Manufacturing Enabling Guide electrical overstress (EOS) is “the number one source of damage to IC components”. In soldering process EOS often comes from high-frequency noise (EMI) on the factory’s power line and ground in a form of significant current between the tip of a soldering iron and your sensitive devices.

OnFILTER’ new specially designed EMI filters greatly reduce EOS in soldering process by preventing EMI on power lines and ground from reaching the soldering iron. The filters further provide EMI-free ground connection to the workbench. This puts soldering operation into an EMI-free “bubble” eliminating possibility of EMI-caused EOS.

OnFILTER’ EMI soldering filters help to comply with IPC-A-610 recommended maximum levels of metal-to-metal voltage for sensitive components, as well as with ESDA STM13.1 limits for current in soldering process.

OnFILTER’ President Vladimir Kraz says: “Sensitivity of components to EOS and ESD is on the rise due to their smaller geometry and higher operating bandwidth. Prevention of EOS in the most ubiquitous process of soldering reduces manufacturing defects, latent damage and improves reliability of the products.”

OnFILTER’ EMI soldering filters work with virtually all AC-powered soldering irons and rework stations and are available in a variety of international configurations. The filters carry ETL and CE approvals and are RoHS compliant. Manufactured in the USA.

Contact Information: info@onfilter.com Tel. +1-831-824-4052 www.onfilter.com

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