Enhanced capabilities powers next generation of eyepiece-less stereo microscope

Vision Engineering is introducing an enhanced version of their acclaimed Lynx EVO eyepiece-less stereo microscope, now including the option of powerful zoom multipliers to increase total system magnification up to 240x.lynxevo_boom_cut_72dpi_003

Unlike typical stereo microscopes, the patented eyepiece-less design of Lynx EVO eliminates the difficulty and strains of microscope use, providing unrivalled ergonomic performance to enhance operator productivity and ease of use.

And now, by combining stunning optical and ergonomic performance with enhanced magnification capabilities, Vision Engineering has created a truly powerful and adaptable inspection microscope – the most capable, most advanced eyepiece-less stereo microscope we’ve ever made.peripheral_vision_rgb

By simple addition of a multiplier module, the standard zoom magnification range can now be increased to 6x – 120x (240x max.), critically without altering the generous working distance, extending the effective zoom ratio up to 20:1. So you can now view an extremely wide range of magnifications in stunning 3D (stereo) optical clarity.

Also available as a modular accessory, the new zoom magnification multipliers can be engaged/disengaged with the slide of the lever, meaning that you can inspect using high magnification, or simply disengage to view the lowest magnification with maximum field of view – the best of both worlds.

Lynx EVO is available in a range of configurations, designed for use in different environments, from production and manufacturing inspection, through to laboratories and medical device clean rooms. Accessories include HD image capture, plus an exceptional 360° rotating viewer.



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