ETC offering new SMT feeder calibration system

It has been proven that badly performing feeders are the most common reason for placement machine downtime. Poor calibration of feeders can lead to mis-picks, component waste and even machine damage. That’s why Electronic Technology Corporation (ETC), has developed a solution in the new SMT Feeder Calibration system. It empowers the user to take control of feeder maintenance and increase production yields without having to send those feeders out for costly repairs.

In making the announcement, Terry Jeglum, President and CEO of ETC, said, “Our new SMT Feeder Calibration system is a unique tool for dynamically testing and calibrating feeders in-house. Poor calibration of feeders means trouble; but with our new SMT Feeder Calibration system, most problems including machine, component, and product damage can be avoided, and especially costly down-time when repairs need to be made or feeders must be sent out for repair servicing.”

Jeglum adds that “We know for a fact that your machine performance will directly improve your through-put if you calibrate all your feeders with this system. The easy-to-use on-screen software system lets you test your feeders to check correct pick positions.”

The SMT Feeder Calibration system features a unique modular design that can be configured to test a wide range of feeders by different manufacturers. The user changes the type of feeder to be tested by simply purchasing a different module that plugs into the unit for easy test and calibration; then it dynamically tests the feeder at machine speed. A wide range of different modules are available with quick delivery. For more information, contact Terry Jeglum at Tel: 630-584-2050, or E-mail:

Electronic Technology Corporation (ETC) is a well-known consulting firm and supplier of new and used equipment to the SMT electronics manufacturing industry. ETC is also a manufacturers’ representative dedicated to providing customers with the most technologically advanced electronic production equipment, materials and technology from suppliers worldwide.


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