Eunil adds ECM-1100 to Coating Master ECM Series

Eunil ECM 1100Eunil, a worldwide leader in factory automation as a manufacturer of SMT peripheral equipment, has released its latest in-line coating machine, the ECM-1100, as part of the Coating Master ECM Series.

The ECM-1100 is used to spray coating liquid on PCBs and mounted parts.

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the foundation for electronics in everyday products ranging from automotive and consumer electronics to communications and industrial and energy applications. Due to the evolution of these products, PCBs often are exposed to damaging environments, including moisture, dust, harsh chemicals, extreme thermal cycling and vibration. Coating will provide the needed protection.

The ECM-1100 in-line machine is ideal for:

  • Consistency – repeatable results
  • Increased productivity – high throughput, reduced labor cost
  • Improved material utilization – material savings
  • Closed fluid system
  • Improved quality – little to no masking

The most common uses for the coating are to inhibit leakage and short circuit due to humidity and contamination, to inhibit corrosion, to improve fatigue life of solder joints to leadless packages and to provide mechanical support for small parts to prevent damages due to mechanical shock and vibration.

For more information, contact Eunil Sales at, call (619) 661-8275, or visit the website.



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