EUTECT cell modules enjoy growing popularity

The module kit (MBK) is EUTECT GmbH’s pivotal tool for developing customer-specific soldering automation and production systems. EUTECT cell modules play an important part in this, because the process modules for soldering electronic assemblies are installed in the production cells. EUTECT GmbH has also been offering these cells with growing success to other machine builders for years now.

The Swabian machine builder’s cell concept encompasses a series of different sizes. ‘These have developed over the course of time. So we’re in a position to ideally tailor our soldering systems to the customer’s wishes and install all of the needed modules in a space-saving manner’, explains Matthias Fehrenbach, managing director of EUTECT GmbH. EUTECT GmbH thus offers different sizes from the slim, single-square-metre cell up to cells with 5 m². Eight standard cells are involved altogether.

‘Non-electronic-machine builders regularly ask us about cell modules’, Fehrenbach reports. His company has thus been supplying a machine builder from the medical industry for more than ten years. ‘They obtain the bare cells from us’, explains Fehrenbach, further pointing out that cell construction is the reason for the growing demand. Since its own process modules need a lot of space for electronics and control, EUTECT cells have enough stowage room under the process area as well as in the system’s roof. The cells’ space-saving design is thus of interest for other applications.

The cells can be provided with different kinematic modules and their control as desired. The customer can decide here between an X-Y-Z-D linear axes, a revolving transfer table, various 6-axis or SCARA robots, as well as batch or inline versions of belt systems. ‘The customer therefore has the opportunity to obtain a cell so prepared that it still only needs to have its modules integrated. We’ve already taken care of the necessary evaluations in terms of the kinematics and their control and we’ll very gladly share our experience with our customers’, according to Fehrenbach.

Six-axis robots are playing an increasingly important role during the course of ever-increasing automation in all areas of industry. They can be mounted overhead as well as on the process area. The possibility of being able to move an articulated-arm robot and the associated product grippers completely freely in space extends the possibilities and maximizes the utility of spaces and processes. Up to eight different grippers can be stored and equipped fully automatically in one system, which opens new possibilities for processing the most varied products.

‘Meanwhile we’ve been selling a variety of cells with the axis robot integrated head first. ‘It’s exactly those of our customers wanting to unite the most varied process steps in the cell who value the space-saving transportation of the workpiece support by the robot arm mounted above’, says Fehrenbach.

For over 20 years, soldering and joining systems have been developed, manufactured, installed, and programmed at EUTECT as well as at customers operating worldwide. The Swabian team of experts offers an extensive, constantly evolving module construction kit for process solutions in the field of soldering.

Process-related and commercially optimal modules for the task description will be selected from the selective soldering- and welding-technology process modules and combined into proven stand-alone, revolving, or inline production designs for complete solutions.

The EUTECT module kit shows that a slim, individual solution comprising proven building blocks for a customer product’s task description can often be achieved via individual modules or free combinations.

A technologically comprehensive, innovative EUTECT technical centre is available for optimal solution through evaluation or the manufacture of A-B-C prototypes ready for serial production.
Matthias Fehrenbach has officially been a permanent part of the family company’s management since 2010. He moreover leads the development department at EUTECT.


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