Fast SD Card Readers now with High Speed Functionality

Yamaichi Electronics_High-Speed SD Card Readers-300dpiYamaichi offers this new generation of card readers in top and reverse mount versions (FPS017T-1000-x or FPS017T-2000-x). A closed metal housing with four tabs for connection to the circuit board ensures good EMC shielding. The FPS017T series offers a convenient push/push mechanism, that is, the card engages when pressed once. When it is pressed again, the mechanism releases it and the card can safely be removed. A card brake provides the definitive ejection of the card.

A card presence switch ensures that the read/write process only starts or stops when the card is completely inserted or removed. This guarantees data transmission and prevents data loss.

Depending on customer requirements and the application, contacts are available in different gold plating variants – from Gold flash to 30µinch.

The card readers are delivered in trays or tape-and-reel packaging as needed, offering the greatest possible flexibility in assembly.

With this new series, Yamaichi has once again extended two of its core competences in the area of card readers and high speed with an interesting, high-quality product.

Yamaichi Electronics offers not only these components, but also many other card connectors for all available Flash and SIM card types with different form factors, such as Micro-SIM, microSD, MMCmicro, CompactFlash, multi-card versions, etc. An extensive line of high-speed products includes various board-to-cable connectors, high-speed FPC, floating board-to-board connectors and I/O interfaces for high transmission rates at 100Ohm differential impedance.

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