FCT develops versatile water soluble flux for leaded and lead-free soldering

159HF_thumb-1FCT Assembly, a leader in the development and manufacturing of high
performance solders and advanced fluxes; has formulated a unique halogen-free water soluble flux with high activity and neutral pH. FCT’s 159HF is a highly versatile solder flux formulated to perform under high temperatures and is compatible with both leaded and lead free alloys. With the low solids content of 159HF, the water soluble flux is applicable in selective; drop-jet spray soldering applications while also being ideal for wave soldering. Because the flux stays active under critical temperatures during pre-heat and wave, 159HF performs exceptionally well in high temperature applications, especially with manufacturers using multilayer boards with lots of heat sink resulting in improved topside fill.

FCT’s 159HF Water Soluble Flux provides excellent ionic cleanliness after water cleaning and has been formulated to minimize foaming in the wash process. In addition to high volume application, 159HF can also be used for surface mount rework and touch-up soldering operations. To take advantage of this flexible Water Soluble Flux, please contact your local FCT Sales Representative or visit our website.



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