Fisnar Europe enhances QuantX dispensing range

Fisnar Europe is pleased to announce a series of enhancements to its QuantXTM brand of dispensing equipment. First launched back in 2012, the QuantXTM product range is a premium fluid dispensing management system designed to deliver a superior industrial dispensing performance.Together this range of precisely engineered components create a superior industrial dispensing experience, benefiting from greater accuracy, improved yields and a reduction in waste.
Furthermore, all products within the QuantXTM range are silicone free and have been manufactured to strict tolerance manufacturing standards, facilitating turbulence free, accurate and repeatable dispensing.quantxSince the original launch of QuantXTM four years ago, Fisnar Europe has made a number of improvements to the range to ensure end-users experience the highest level of product quality, including the implementation of batch traceability. Care has been taken to develop a number of new syringe barrels, available in clear, amber or black variants for UV or maximum light protection as well as low-friction EvenpressTM pistons designed to prevent air entrapment and material waste.

The packaging of the QuantXTM range has also been improved – all QuantXTM components are now packed inside anti-static packaging for electrostatic and particulate protection. Moreover, pack quantities have been altered to align with barrel pack sizes, creating convenience for the end user.

Speaking about the recent improvements to the QuantXTM range, Fisnar Europe Managing Director John Henderson comments “As a flagship product within the Fisnar portfolio, it is of the upmost importance that the QuantX range upholds its ‘premium’ status. All of the changes we have made are for the benefit of the end-user and we are confident that they will be met with a positive response.”

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