Five filtration stages guarantee high-degree laser fume extraction

Wisconsin based ULT LLC provides the LAS 1200 laser fume extraction system, applying a specially configured filtration concept, now also in the US. To enable high-degree purification of laser fumes and laser dusts, the airflow is led through five different filtration stages. Based on multiple air purification stages and the utilization of efficient filter media, the system ensures a separation rate higher 99.9%.

In the prefilter and main filter stages, solid particles down to the nano range are separated; filtration or adsorption of gases and vapours is executed in an activated carbon filter, utilizing a high-performance fan with large pressure reserve.

The LAS 1200 unit is suited for the capture and filtration of dry, non-combustible dusts occurring during material processing by means of laser technology. Processes such as laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking or laser ablation generate harmful mixtures of dusts, gases and vapors, all of which can be efficiently purified with the laser fume extractor.

The fume extraction system can be utilized as a stationary or mobile unit, which results in high flexibility in terms of possible application scenarios.


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