For the inspection of wave & selective soldering of THT & SMT components

The Mek SpectorBOX THT AOI Module is designed to inspect Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) inside solder frames, directly from the conveyor system.

Amongst others, the Nutek Main Frame is a turnkey AOI solution allowing easy integration of one or two SpectorBOX systems into the production line.

Now available with the GTAz optical head:

True Stereoscopic imaging using 9 high speed (90 Fps) cameras operating in full 24 bit color. Thunderbolt2 20GBs transfer speeds with real time full frame transfer and advanced colour image processing.
Double Size FOV (Field of view)
Up to 2x faster inspection over previous generations of machines.

Defect Classification with 9-angle Microscopic Views
Identifies and sorts defects for classification without the need for off-line microscopes.

Large Pixel Image Capturing Sensor
18.8μm2 pixel size — low noise levels— smooth and detailed image— great dynamic range

In Height Adjustable Optical Head
Z-Axis moving Top Camera, Light and Side View cameras — Adapts to any PCB Thickness

Shift & Tilt Side View Lenses
Distortion free side images across the entire FoV. Every point on the PCB within the FoV has same distance to the capturing sensor despite the angle of the optics

Mek simply does it all…without compromise

A perfect combination of 2D fast programming advantages and 3D features such as verification of body height, tilt and coplanarity, pin height and solder meniscus profile analysis in addition to component presence/absence, polarity, value, angle, offset, color, extra part detection, solder ball detection and short detection.

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