Glenbrook Technologies Introduces the Jewel Box X-ray System for Large Format PCBA’s

This simple modification converts our standard Jewel Box system into a larger cabinet that

can accommodate up to a 24” x 24” panel.  The system allows x-y-z movement, rotation and tilt.

The x-ray cabinet maintains a compact footprint and is on wheels so can easily be moved anywhere

within the facility.

The Jewel Box X-ray Systems provide up to 500x geometric and 2,000x electronic magnification

for high resolution requirements.   They are available with 80 kv, 90 kv or 110 kv x-ray tube.

All Jewel Box systems employ Glenbrook’s patented, award winning x-ray camera technology allowing

unsurpassed performance and reliability.

Glenbrook Technologies has over 2,500 installations in 54 countries throughout the world and

office in the US, Hong Kong and Germany.





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