Globally matched SonoTools™ streamline component inspection

Automated acoustic micro imaging tools in different manufacturing plants can often produce different images of defects in identical components. Resolving these differences to qualify component quality acceptability can be difficult and time-consuming.

Automated C-SAM® systems, such as the ‘dual tray – dual scanning’ DF2400, that give precisely the same image of a given component at all of a company’s locations have now been introduced by Sonoscan and are already at work in multiple plants worldwide.

Called Globally Matched SonoTools™ (GMST), the new systems unleash the full potential of automation, calibration and consistency to image and qualify large numbers of components with a minimum of human attention. At any of a company’s locations, a technician selects the scan recipe for a component, pushes a button, and gets fully comparable results. There are no discrepancies to discuss with other manufacturing locations.

The new systems differ sharply from the more common non-automated laboratory type systems and from unmatched production systems. More details can be found in an article in the February issue of Evaluation Engineering magazine or from

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