Hanwha Techwin introduces flying vision verification to component mounters

Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas, Inc., formerly Samsung C&T Automation, today announced the introduction of Flying Vision Verification to SM Plus component mounters. Flying Vision Verification utilizes on-the-head, upward-looking camera systems to verify presence of multiple components simultaneously following pickup, then verify alignment of multiple components simultaneously prior to placement, and finally verify placement of multiple components simultaneously in a single pick-and-place cycle for enhanced quality control, process efficiency, and performance.

“Hanwha Techwin continues to evolve, apply and leverage this exclusive flying vision technology, delivering SMART process solutions to real-world production environments,” commented Jonny Nichols, Director of Sales & Marketing.

The SM Plus series of component mounters include the SM471 model with dual gantries and dual internal conveyor system for high-efficiency chip mounting, an SM481 for high-performance chip and flexible mounting, an SM482 for precision flexible mounting, and an SM485 for special applications requiring a gripper for processing odd forms, connectors up to 6″ long, or parts over
1″ in height.



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