The HDMI connector family from Yamaichi Electronics

Yamaichi_Electronics_HDMI_pictureYamaichi Electronics presents its portfolio of HDMI interfaces. The HDMI interface (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a well-known product on the market. Developed first in 2004, it has already moved up to specification 2.0a and is available in a total of five different versions/types.

Versions A, B and C are the older connector type standards. The base version A has 19 contacts, version B (on request) is for high-resolution transmission with 29 contacts and C is the 19-pin mini-version.

The latest developments are with versions D and E. Type D is a Micro HDMI connector and type E is specific to the automotive industry.

Connector family for all 5 interface versions

Yamaichi Electronics offers high-quality, reliable components for all five versions on both the board and cable sides. The solutions for the D and E types are particularly innovative.

Type D Micro HDMI

The Micro HDMI in version D (PKS019-40xx-0) is impressive just for its compact dimensions of 5 .80×7.65×3.20mm (length x width x height). It also has other interesting features, however. For example, the contacts have a special insertion moulding that prevents them from bending when the other connector is plugged into them. Lateral guides also support the insertion of the cable side and protect the contacts from lateral stress and scratches. This ensures a high level of contact reliability in operation.

The Micro HDMI series is available in SMT and TH variants. The contacts are gold-plated. The D type is packaged in tape-on-reel, optionally with an additional Kapton film to support installation.

Type E for automotive applications

The version E is the HDMI automotive connector (PKS019-5000-0VE). Its differentiating feature is the special housing that protects the actual HDMI connector. This allows the interface itself to be a little recessed and it is easy to build into the chassis. This 19-pin version meets specification 1.4b and has been developed and tested specifically for the automotive industry. For example, its temperature range is -40° to +85°C.

The SMT implementation saves space when assembling the connector, and at 25.5×24.5×12.5 mm (length x width x height), it has a distinct advantage over existing solutions. The connector is delivered in tape-on-reel packaging.

In accordance with this, Yamaichi Electronics also offers complete HDMI cable assembly for automotive applications. Here, the cable connector has the same form factor as the HDMI type E on the device and can engage into the housing. This keeps the connection secure under the vibration and shock of driving. Disconnecting the cable side requires only a slight press on a tab on the connector to release the locking.

Add-on product for internal transmissions

The high-speed connector series HF601-22-03 represents an additional expansion of the product line for internal HDMI transmission. Thanks to its special contact design, this ZIF connection can transmit up to 5 Gbps.


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