Henkel forms partnership with LPMS USA to broaden customer access to TECHNOMELT Low Pressure Molding Processes

LPMS 500In a move designed to offer customers greater access to low pressure molding solutions and its award-winning TECHNOMELT materials, Henkel Adhesive Technologies has formed a partnership with leading molding equipment manufacturer, LPMS USA.

 “Henkel’s new relationship with LPMS USA is a very important development for our Americas-based customers,” explains Art Ackerman, Henkel Global Product Manager for Circuit Board Protection.  “The company’s global leadership, in-depth understanding of mold design, broad equipment portfolio and low pressure molding expertise make LPMS USA a very competent partner.”

technomeltThe low pressure molding process is a fast and effective alternative to traditional potting techniques.  Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Henkel’s TECHNOMELT polyamide hotmelt products, LPMS USA systems process the materials in a simple operation that melts, molds and cools the TECHNOMELT materials around electronic devices to encapsulate them and form self-enclosed, functional assemblies.  Because the low pressure molding process is lower stress compared to traditional injection molding, it is ideal for today’s finer-pitched, delicate devices and has been successfully employed in multiple applications including automotive, LED lighting, medical, wearables and household consumer products, among others.



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