Highly sensitive measurement of ionic residues on electronic PCBAs

E16-08E-Highly-sensitive-measurement-of-ionic-residues-on-electronic-PCBAsRecently, ZESTRON expanded its comprehensive analytical methods by adding Ion Chromatography. This highly sensitive analytical method, provides a detailed report of anions, cations and weak organic acids present on PCBAs according to IPC-TM-650. Thereby, critical substances such as bromide or chloride and their amount can be determined.

Compared to simpler measuring methods such as Contaminometer or Omegameter, where only the whole ion content as equivalent to sodium chlorid is built, the ion chromatography provides a quantitative and qualitative measurement of single ions. Potential failures such leakage currents, electrochemical migration or corrosion of cupper contacts can be assessed.

The ion chromatography is suitable for both, the evidence of cleanliness after soldering according to guideline and to qualify surfaces after cleaning respectively before coating or bond processes.



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