Indium Corporation’s full line of inorganic indium compounds offer solutions for numerous products

2314181444739478197Indium Corporation’s full line of inorganic compounds addresses numerous applications and demands.

The company’s offerings include indium oxide, indium-tin oxide, indium trichloride, indium hydroxide, indium sulfide, indium sulfate, and more. Indium Corporation is capable of providing these compounds in a variety of crystal forms to address various needs and applications.

Indium tin oxide (ITO), a transparent conductor, dominates the use of all indium, globally, today. It is essential for manufacturing flat panel displays, LCDs, and touch sensors. TVs, computer monitors, tablets, watches, and smart phones all use ITO to enable the switching of pixels and to register touch events.

Indium trichloride is used as an additive to alkaline batteries to reduce outgassing and improve operational efficiency of the battery when under electrical load. It is also used in the manufacture of LCDs. Indium trichloride is available in a variety of forms.

A full list of the indium compounds offered, complete with images, videos, product data sheets and contact information, is available at


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