Indium Corporation’s Heat-Spring® thermal interface material enhances device performance

2314181444759178477Indium Corporation announces a soft metal alloy thermal interface material (SMA TIM) that offers high and uniform thermal resistance at lower applied stresses in compressed interfaces.

The company’s patented Heat-Spring® SMA TIM reduces thermal resistance and enhances cooling by utilizing two key properties of indium metal: superior thermal conductivity and malleability. Unlike standard thermal interface materials, Heat-Spring offers an extremely long service life as it does not pump out under power cycling, nor does it bake out over time. This combination of high conductance, high surface contact area (due to superior conformance), and low degradation over time produces a superior thermal interface and assures optimized long-term device performances in compressed interfaces.

2314181444759206610Heat-Spring’s high and uniform thermal conductivity is enhanced further when placed under compression (35 to 100 psi).

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