Innovations for efficient laser soldering

Advanced development of systems in the market is the core task of entrepreneurial activity. That’s why Swabian machine builder EUTECT GmbH is continually developing its soldering modules. The Baden-Württemberg family company now also offers a laser-air-knife module to protect the laser optics during laser soldering in addition to the next generation of the world’s only controlled wire feeder.

‘Advanced development is written large with us, especially in our core processes such as the controlled wire feeder’, says Matthias Fehrenbach, part of management at EUTECT GmbH. In 2007, he, together with his father Manfred Fehrenbach and the technology team at EUTECT GmbH, developed the world’s only force-controlled wire feeder to date: the Sensitive Wire Feeder (SWF). ‘Mechanically, we’re already at version 3.0 after scarcely ten years, because we’ve always been able to find something still better, faster, and more efficiently designed’, says Manfred Fehrenbach jubilantly.

The wire feeder’s performance parameters were improved once again with the aid of software updates and new motors. The module can now transport or pull wires with a speed of over 200 mm/s. A new generation of force sensors and enhancement of the control technology also enable still more sensitive, faster control of the feed force thereby increasing the reproducibility of the quantity of wire to be brought in during laser, induction, or piston soldering and build-up welding.

Additional improvements were developed especially for laser soldering, because protection of the laser’s optics is particularly important when using the SWF. EUTECT’s new Laser-Air-Knife module protects the laser’s optics from solder smoke and smoke residue. This minimized the laser optics’ service and maintenance intervals. Additional optimization of the working clearance between laser optics and process location was also able to further extend the service life of EUTECT’s laser-soldering systems and modules.

Matthias Fehrenbach confirms that the systems’ availability was once again improved through these innovations: ‘Thanks to our sensitive wire feeders, laser soldering has always been process-safe and in little need of maintenance and service effort. The use of laser-air knifes in combination with suction close to the soldering process reduces service times immensely and supports the stability of the soldering process.’

‘We haven’t actually reinvented the laser-soldering process and wire transport through the laser-air knife and advanced development of the SWF, but we have made a successful module even more stable and efficient for our customers’, says Matthias Fehrenbach.


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