INSPECTIS launches HD-028-L, X-Y floating board with position lock

The new HD-028-L from INSPECTIS AB is an innovative X-Y Floating Board with a position locking mechanism.

The HD-028-L provides smooth lateral movement of inspection objects (SMT PCBs, medical devices) under a microscope or INSPECTIS high-performance video microscope inspection systems, and the mechanical position locking mechanism provides maximum stability by preventing accidental movement of the part or floating table during examination.

In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager, stated, “The locking mechanism ensures that the object under inspection will remain perfectly immobile during, say, photography, or shared viewing with other colleagues.”

“When we designed this standard version, we built in some inertia to prevent the board from drifting when not mechanically locked. However, some of our customers working with fine components wanted to have an even lighter (lower inertia) feel. Consequently, we have sent the boards to our expert tuning technicians to produce just the touch needed. As a result, the HD-028-L-S Floating Board Extra Low Friction with Position Lock is also available on request.”

The working surface is covered by a high-friction antistatic mat that keeps the inspection object in place. 4 slots are available for attaching optional magnetic pegs (HD-128 Magnetic pegs (4x) or custom-made fixtures and holders. The board itself is made of high quality antistatic coated material.


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