Introducing ALPHA® SnCX™ Plus 07 Ag-Free Cored Solder Wire for rework and touch-up

telecore_HF-850_SnCX_Plus_07Alpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, is introducing its no-silver cored solder wire solution for highest wetting speed performance.

The ALPHA® SnCX™ Plus 07 Ag-Free Cored Solder Wire is a fast-wetting solution with clear residue that is cost-effective for medium to lower end assemblies and is LED capable. It provides low-spatter and fumes and also has excellent soldering performance even at 370°C.

“This alloy option creates a no-silver soldering value to customers as opposed to the higher costs that are associated with higher-Ag alloys”, said Bernice Chung, Global Product Manager for Cored Solder Wire at Alpha Assembly Solutions. “ALPHA® SnCX™ Plus 07 ranks the highest for wetting speed performance against competitors and is an ideal choice for hand operators for rework and touch-up.”

This new Ag-free alloy is available with ALPHA® Telecore HF-850 Cored Solder Wire in a variety of diameter sizes, in addition to other ALPHA® Cored Solder Wire with flux systems, such as ALPHA® XL-825 and ALPHA® Pure Core. For more information, please contact your local Alpha Sales Representative or visit our website.


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