Inventec introduces two new lead free solder paste formulas

Inventec presents a new ultra low voiding formula, Ecorel Free 305-16LVD to achieve optimal voiding performance in automotive, power electronics, LED lighting and other high reliability applications, without degradation of high speed printability and chemical reliability. Solder voiding is a complex phenomenon under the combination of many interactions affecting both the reliability and quality of solder joints, in such interactions solder paste is a key contributor.

Ecorel Free 305-16LVD is a No Clean, lead free solder paste developed to achieve ultra low voiding and reduce the size of voids, especially in large area components such as power discretes, LEDs and QFNs. It is a halogen free ROL0 flux system; available is powder size type 3 and 4. It has been recently selected to be used in new generation electronics modules for a global German automotive OEM.

The main benefits of Ecorel Free 305-16LVD include:

  • Ultra low voiding percentage and reduced void size
  • Very good wetting on any surface finish
  • Transparent colourless residue
  • Good first pass yield pin testability
  • It can be processed under air or nitrogen reflow atmospheres

For PCBAs still being cleaned with DI water or other aqueous defluxing agents, from industries such as Aerospace and Military, Inventec has recently developed a new lead free water washable solder paste: Amtech LF 4300.2 which offers an optimized balance of printability and cleanability.

Amtech LF-4300.2 resists moisture absorption and humidity for up to 16 hours, and it helps prevent slumping, tombstoning, microballing and head in pillow defects. Its REM1 flux system can be combined with a large number of lead free alloys.

The main benefits of Amtech LF-4300.2 include:

  • Exceptional print definition at high printing speeds up to 100 mm/ sec
  • Low voiding, including LGA components
  • Flux residues are clear, easy-to-clean, and compatible with batch cleaning systems.

Ecorel Free 305-16LVD and Amtech LF-4300.2 are available worldwide in different packaging options.

To learn more about these two new formulas you can visit Inventec at coming exhibitions: EIPC Winter Conferences, IPC Apex, and Productronica China.

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