Ironwood continues to find new solutions using the Grypper socket technology

Grypper Sockets used as Risers for snooping signals

Ironwood Electronics continues to find new solutions using the Grypper socket technology in using the socket as a riser. The Grypper can also be used as an interconnect between two PCB’s. The applications include Board to Board connections as a riser to allow the snooping of signals, getting above other components on the PCB. Other designs can be for a device translation PCB from one footprint to another. The Grypper socket typically are used for socketing a BGA device but can be used by solder balling the bottom of the top PCB, attaching the Grypper to the bottom PCB and simply snapping the upper solder balled PCB into the Grypper on the bottom. Since the Grypper socket is the same size as the target device it allows the customer to add any board to the existing PCB.

The photos show a Board to Board for a simple riser snooping DDR memory signals, and a test fixture with a translation board from one BGA device footprint to another.

The sockets have been used in these application for many memory applications, and in custom test fixtures that Ironwood can provide a turn-key design solution.

Pricing will vary based on the number of I/O needed for the riser/socket. For example; a 96 DDR socket is $380.00 each in quantities of (4-10).


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