ISVI Corp. releases all-new 29 megapixel compact camera link CCD camera

XXS-CL Front AngleISVI Corp., a global leader in high-speed, high-resolution camera technology, has announced the official release of its all-new IC-M29S-CL, a monochrome 29 Megapixel CCD camera with a base configuration Camera Link interface achieving 4.45fps.

Designed on a smaller platform than the previous IC-M29 model, the new IC-M29S-CL follows in its predecessor’s footsteps by providing unrivaled image quality, backing up this claim by consistently garnering the top place in customer’s bench-test comparisons.

There are several major differences to the previous model. Firstly the size and weight of the camera has been reduced to a slim 75 x 75 x 43.4mm at 460 grams without lens mount. The all-new housing design is extremely compact and robust and uses a newly developed sensor positioning design to provide consistently precise sensor alignment. The addition of an active cooling fan to help eliminate temperature oscillation found on passively cooled cameras is a big advantage to applications demanding reproducible measuring results. The addition of the LM-Mount to an already large lens mount offering allows integrators to use high-quality Leica-M and Zeiss ZM lenses with this camera. Finally, both tap-balancing and flat-field correction algorithms have been tweaked to provide even more fidelity to the images.

“We are very pleased with the redesign efforts of our R&D department”, says Gerard White, Vice President of ISVI Corp. “We have been selling the previous model, IC-M29, to many customers around the globe and have gotten tremendous feedback from them on how to improve an already very good camera. We are proud to present to our customers the new IC-M29S-CL showcasing their feedback and proving that listening to and taking action on customer’s needs is so important to the evolutionary design of products. This philosophy will present itself in more new cameras being released by ISVI in the coming months.”

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