Kolb Cleaning Technology USA LLC introduces the next generation in stencil cleaning technology

Kolb Cleaning Technology is pleased to announce the release of the AQUBE MV8 sTWIN stencil cleaning system featuring dual process chambers with independent operating control. The AQUBE MV8 sTWIN is the only system available on the market today capable of cleaning one or two stencils immediately following a cleaning cycle (in parallel) or one stencil immediately and another stencil or squeegee(s) later (sequentially); making the MV8 sTWIN suitable for large-scale manufacturing or flexible enough for low volume, high mix production environments.

With a capacity of up to 2 stencils (900 x 800 x 50 mm or 35” x 32”), the MV8 sTWIN is a fully automatic, 4-step processing system with cleaning, MediumWipe, rinsing and patented CWA® (compressed warm air) drying in the same process chamber; this equates to a short cycle time of approximately 5 minutes (normal contamination) per stencil.

The AQUBE MV8 sTWIN’s unique configuration features PowerSpray® Technology. PowerSpray utilizes a high pressure, high volume magnetically coupled pump unit to draw a controlled volume of cleaning fluid from the cleaning tank with further flow through a separate circuit into the ASYNCHRO spray rotor nozzles. The geometry of the nozzles ensure a comprehensive and thorough cleaning, even in inaccessible and critical areas.

The kolb AQUBE MV8 sTWIN is the next generation in cleaning systems, pre-equipped for extended water management and is Smart Factory ready for integration in Industry 4.0 production. The system is certified for both energy and water saving processes, ease of operation, and built-in comprehensive safety features.

Kolb Cleaning Technology is headquartered in Willich, Germany with offices in the United States (Longmont, CO) and Asia Pacific (Australia). Kolb is recognized as an innovative manufacturer of aqueous cleaning systems providing full process cleaning solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry.



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