Kolb Cleaning Technology welcomes new chemistry solutions

Altus welcomes Kolb's latest cleaning solutionsWith over 25 years of experience in the electronics industry, German company, Kolb Cleaning Technology, manufactures a range of environmentally friendly, highly efficient and economical water-based cleaning systems for stencils, PCBs, production tools, frames and maintenance applications.

Long-standing supplier of capital equipment for electronic assembly, Altus, has used Kolb, which develops a wide selection of chemistry solutions for cleaning requirements, as a preferred supplier for the last six years. Altus stocks a range of Kolb Chemistry products in the UK, along with samples, to support the growing installed base of Kolb cleaning systems in the UK & Ireland. The collaboration comes as Kolb’s hardware is designed and built to a high standard, putting the company in-line with Altus’ ethos of providing quality products and service.

Kolb’s hardware range offers an innovative choice to the electronics industry. Celebrating its development of intuitive chemistries over the last two decades, Kolb’s highly skilled technicians have now created MultiEx VR-SP, a multifunctional high-end broadband detergent designed for use on quality components.

Ready-mixed for direct use in Kolb systems with PowerSpray® technology and common spray-in-air cleaning systems, MultiEx VR-SP is an aqueous alkaline cleaner ideal for ultra-fine cleaning of high-end electronic components or high-quality production tools. Most suitable for quick and thorough cleaning, it offers the best material protection to assembled PCBs, ceramic substrates, misprints, stencils, solder carriers, solder pallets, ESD boxes and PCB magazines.

Another new addition to the portfolio, the Kolb PSB700 series, offer process-safe fine cleaning of up to four screens, PumpPrints or stencils in one cycle from contaminations including SMD-adhesive, SMD-paste, flux, oil, dust or grease. All systems are certified to operate in solar cell production.

The newly-featured “All-Round” systems of the PSB100 series offer reliable cleaning of PCBs and hybrids, fine cleaning of stencils, screens, and misprints and maintenance cleaning of solder frames, carriers, magazines, ESD boxes in one single system. Utilising the PowerSpray® surround rotors system and PowerSpray® technology, the system can produce a compact footprint with up to 30% less cycle time.



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