KYOCERA launches new electronic connectors that feature one-touch locking for automated assembly processes

Durable, heat-resistant 6810 Series FPC/FFC connectors enhance manufacturing productivity for automotive, industrial and consumer electronics

Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto) today announced its first electronic connectors to feature one-touch locking, which will be available globally in July 2017. Kyocera’s new 6810 Series flexible printed circuit (FPC) and flat-flex cable (FFC) connectors provide automatic locking upon full insertion, a key feature to support automated manufacturing and robotic assembly processes. The 6810 Series connectors also offer heat resistance up to 125°C (257°F) for automotive, industrial and consumer electronics applications.

The trend toward automated manufacturing is creating widespread demand for new component designs that support robotic assembly. However, conventional connectors which require manual insertion and locking impede this trend. In contrast, Kyocera’s new one-touch locking 6810 Series connectors utilize a proprietary structure that enables quick, stable connections in a single insertion, removing a significant impediment to fully automated assembly. Specifically designed to support automated optical inspection (AOI) for high-speed quality assurance, these connectors offer a valuable opportunity to enhance productivity in electronics manufacturing.

Kyocera’s new 6810 Series connectors are available in two configurations: a straight type that mounts perpendicular to the circuit board for vertical insertion, and a right-angle type mounting parallel to the board for horizontal insertion.

Main Features

1. Proprietary one-touch locking
Kyocera’s proprietary structure includes springs at both ends of the connector to facilitate automatic locking upon full insertion. This structure ensures quick and stable connections.

2. Facilitates increased productivity and quality
The new 6810 Series is optimized for high-speed robotic assembly processes, where QA may be confirmed through AOI.

3. Straight and right-angle configurations enhance design flexibility

4. Heat-resistant type up to +125°C (257°F) for automotive electronics
The new Kyocera connectors offer excellent durability and heat resistance up to 125°C (257°F), facilitating use in under-hood electronics, near drivetrain components or near other heat sources.

5. RoHS compliant and halogen-free

6. Specifications


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