The latest in soldering technology – discover the next generation from Weller

The powerful new WT soldering stations are setting new benchmarks in terms of user-friendliness.

Powerful soldering station sets

This powerful soldering station set in the new WT line is impressive not only because it is incredibly easy to operate but also because of its properties in terms of the environmental impact and cost-effectiveness. The soldering stations are innovative as they can be stacked on top of one another saving vital desk space. The display boasts a new inclined design offering a more natural viewing angle. The display features clearly arranged graphics which make it possible to understand setting parameters at a glance. The control panel on the front is distinctive and offers an uncluttered and particularly clear design. All of the important operating elements are placed on the front. The menu button ensures instant access allowing users to navigate through the menu structure easily.WT_Line

Unique on the global market

With the new 90 watt soldering iron, Weller is presenting the world’s first active soldering system with replaceable, passive, high-performance soldering tips. The soldering iron combines the cost-effectiveness of a passive soldering system with the design and ergonomics of an active one. The lightweight and slim soldering iron has a soft rubber grip and a thin silicone cable offering ease of use and is beautifully ergonomic.

Innovative 2-in-1 WSR support

The option of switching the support between dry and wet cleaning is an innovative feature. The soldering iron holder can be lifted and turned through 180° allowing the user to choose between sponge or dry cleaner. The high-quality cast base material increases the stability. The soldering tips can be stored safely and in such a way that they save space. It is possible to attach several supports next to one another.


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