LightAssembly: New modular assembly system from Manz


This is how a typical LightAssembly line looks – though it may look entirely different, as the modules can be combined in any number of ways.

High-tech equipment manufacture for the growth markets of the future: “Electronic Components”, “Electronic Devices”, “Solar”, and “Energy Storage” – these are the core business areas of Manz AG. Our expertise is based on seven core technologies: automation, roll-to-roll, metrology, printing and coating, laser process technology, wet chemical processes and vacuum coating. Today: Our expertise in automation illustrated in the example of LightAssembly, the newly developed assembly system from Manz.

Rising labor costs, worker shortages, the increasing complexity of assembly processes and increasing requirements for the quality of end products: The electronics industry is faced with ever greater challenges related to mass production. These challenges can be successfully met with automated assembly lines. But often the individual systems that make up an assembly line – most of which come from different manufacturers – are only linked together in insufficient ways, or not at all.

But with LightAssembly from Manz, things are different: It is the world’s first fully linked and integrated inline assembly line for all of the process steps encountered in electronics assembly from a single source – from incoming goods inspection and assembly to quality control and packaging. Perfectly coordinated interfaces allow for an optimal and smooth production process from the very first minute of production. This results in a measurable improvement in the quality of the end products and a simultaneous reduction in production costs. With LightAssembly Manz is aiming at markets with high levels of pent-up demand in automation, China being foremost among them. It is already being used by manufacturers of smartphones and notebook computers.

The standardized modules of the Manz LightAssembly line allow for rapid, flexible delivery and commissioning. With the integrated line management system (LIS) it is possible to control both individual module and the entire assembly line. From the very beginning, the line is therefore well engineered, flexible, and easily convertible and extensible. Manz LightAssembly can be integrated into a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and the data of each individual component is saved for quality monitoring – an important condition for Industrie 4.0. Thanks to the modular design, the line can be quickly adapted to modified processes and thus can also for example be reused over multiple product generations. Even a change of the production location is possible with no problem due to the modular design.

A detailed description of Manz LightAssembly can be found in the Automationspraxis magazine of 10/2015 from the renowned Konradin publishing house:


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