LORD Corporation’s Eric Moyer Member of Team Earning National Innovation Award from the American Chemical Society

Eric Moyer, Senior Technology Manager of LORD Corporation – a leader in the development of adhesives, coatings, motion management devices and sensing technologies – has been recognized as a member of a five-person team selected for the 2017 National American Chemical Society (ACS) Team Innovation Award.

According to Moyer, the award is for the development and commercialization of photodefinable bisbenzocyclobutene Interlayer Dielectric Material with the commercial name of Cyclotene. The proven technology, which garnered the Dow Chemical Inventor of the Year Award in 1993, is now found on 25 percent of all portable hand-held devices.

Moyer has spent his entire career in the development of polymeric materials for various applications including electronic, LED and various coating technologies. He has 37 patents issued in his name from the U.S. Patent Office. He graduated with a Ph.D. in synthetic organic polymer chemistry from Virginia Tech in 1989 and has spent the last 26 years working in various leadership roles in the chemical industry including Dow Chemical, Dow Corning and LORD Corporation.

“It was a very pleasant surprise to be awarded for the innovation and development of a product that was first commercialized more than a couple decades ago,” said Moyer. “It is very satisfying to know that the product assisted in miniaturization of the packaging of computer chips and is still being used in the electronic industry today.”

The ACS award was created to highlight the value and importance of technical teams and teamwork to the chemical and allied industries by recognizing a multidisciplinary team for successfully moving an innovative idea to a product in commercial use now. The team must be multidisciplinary in nature and consist of not fewer than two members. The output of the team must demonstrate impact by the commercialization of a product or process that is of a special value to society, and be of a nature that could only be achieved by professionals working together effectively as a team.

“We are so proud of Eric and glad to see his great accomplishments over his career being recognized. This ACS Team Innovation award is very fitting as Eric is an extraordinary innovator as well as an outstanding team player,” said Seth Carruthers, Director, Chemical Technology at LORD Corporation.

The ACS National Awards program is designed to encourage the advancement of chemistry in all its branches, to support research in chemical science and industry, and to promote the careers of chemists. Winners of the 2017 National Awards will be honored at the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, in conjunction with the 253rd ACS National Meeting in San Francisco. For more information, visithttps://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/funding-and-awards/awards/national.html.


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