Markem-Imaje launches new Remote User Interface for the SmartDate® X30 Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Markem-Imaje SmartDate® X30 thermal transfer overprinter, now available with a new RUI, minimizing downtime and human error.

Markem-Imaje, the global provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions and industrial marking and coding systems, has today released a new remote user interface (RUI) for the SmartDateÆ X30 thermal transfer overprinter (TTO). The optional RUI is ideal for production lines which require a broader suite of functions including password protection, front- end uniformity with their full range of Markem-Imaje solutions and, web user interface (web UI) or virtual network computing (VNC) integration with OEM packaging machines.

Offering an advanced range of functions, the new SmartDateÆ X30 RUI reduces downtime, waste and product recalls by minimizing human error. This is achieved through multiple functions including a simple print preview and print adjust functionality, enabling dead dot detection which is viewable and adjustable with a single click.  The simple online password configuration facilitates the creation of multiple, customizable profiles allowing the operator to immediately access their required functions and begin operating in just a few clicks. 

The new RUI offers operators the ability to monitor up to five production metrics, which can be selected from a total of 9 options, directly on the home screen e.g. total print count or print cycle time.  With an external device plug-in capability there is an option to use a keyboard, barcode scanner and USB memory stick (offering easy message upload and download management).

The new RUI for the SmartDateÆ X30 is provided with a bracket and can be easily mounted anywhere on the machine. Plus, the simple installation also includes web UI or vertical network computing integration with OEM packaging machines. 

Gary Bolton, TTO Product Marketing Manager, Markem-Imaje said: “Our new RUI is a fantastic option for customers who require an enhanced range of solutions from their user interface. This simple to install RUI provides immediate benefits, helping to minimize human error and maximize uptime.  Plus, with front-end familiarity with other Markem-Imaje products it contributes to a seamless end-to-end solution.” 

Markem-Imaje’s SmartDateÆ X30 thermal transfer overprinter is a robust one-box solution for installation on low-to-medium speed production lines printing on flexible film. With Markem-Imaje’s market first Advance Consumables Management (ACM) innovation – automatic set-up, ribbons and printheads are recognized and adjusted to code minutes after start-up. This minimizes both downtime and human error. Plus, with its unique printhead monitoring the SmartDateÆ X30 provides continuous quality. 

The SmartDateÆ X30 handheld terminal continues to be available for customers who require a simpler user interface. 


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