Metcal offers free soldering system with the purchase of a fume extraction system

Metcal BVX-201-KIT1Metcal is pleased to announce its Spring Promo, where customers can get a FREE MFR-1100 soldering system with the purchase of the two-operator BVX-201-KIT1 Fume Extraction System.  The promotion is effective immediately and ends June 30, 2016.

When purchasing a BVX-201-KIT1 Fume Extraction System, customers can choose from three different MFR-1100 Soldering and Rework Systems:

MFR-1110 Single Output Cartridge Soldering System

MFR-1120 Single Output Tip Style Soldering System

MFR-1160 Single Output SSC Style Cartridge Soldering System

The popular BVX-201-KIT1 includes everything you need to set up a two-operator fume extraction system, the main filter unit, two 30″ arms and two 6’ connection hoses that enable the system to be mounted on the floor, saving valuable bench space.  Table brackets and C-clamps also are included. The system includes a main filter that has a HEPA efficiency of 99.97 percent at 0.3 micron, and an activated carbon filter to remove additional gases.

All MFR soldering systems include the MFR-PS1100 Power Supply along with a hand-piece and work stand. The offer is available only through participating Metcal distributors worldwide. Please mention promo code P2-BVX when ordering.  Complete details of the promo can be found here:


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