Mobile Extraction and Filtration Unit for Soldering Fumes in New Design

ult_lra_160The LRA 160 is the first ULT extraction and filtration system for soldering fumes transferred to the new design line. The device, developed for the removal of residual fluxes, gases and vapours was revised optically and provides a simple filter handling.

An ideal filter combination within the LRA 160 provides increased filtration efficiency, leading to noticeable cost savings in the medium term. The system’s low-noise operation is another true user value.

For extraction efficiency increase, the extraction unit can be equipped with capturing elements, such as hoods or extraction arms.  Possible utilisation of extraction arms would be those of the Alsident systems 50 and 75 or tube assemblies (50, 75, 50/50).

Additionally, via a D-sub interface the LRA 160 can be connected to external systems for automated operation.

The ULT AG’s extraction and filtration systems help to remove airborne substances released during various soldering works. The units extract and filter finest particles occurring during automated, semi-automated and manual soldering processes.

These air purification systems achieve the highest separation efficiency and degree of filtration of pollutant removal by utilising the most efficient filter media. In addition to a wide range of turnkey systems, the company provides customized solutions for many applications.


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