Mobile process monitoring with the new Viscom app

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With the newest vVision release, Viscom offers an intelligent software solution for mobile devices. This brings even greater versatility to the inspection of electronic assemblies. The user is given an overview of the widest range of key figures from his production process and can retrieve information about products faster than ever.

The Viscom app transforms the smartphone into a future-oriented tool in the sense of Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and Big Data handling. This mobile application delivers the results from each Viscom inspection system equipped with the coming vVision 2.4 software.

With the new app, key variables like throughput and performance can be monitored with the utmost convenience. Now everyone involved in production – from line supervisors to production managers, quality and business management – can gain insight into relevant processes more quickly and conveniently to develop solutions together with complete flexibility.

The Viscom app is primarily designed for Android and iOS operating systems for smartphones and tablets. However, the app also can be installed on a Windows PC. After logging in, the user is shown an overview of the entire production output of its PCB assembly lines. This includes the number of inspected electronic assemblies, real defects detected and more.

The data presented can easily be filtered by product and time period. The required data are provided on a local Viscom server at the manufacturing company. A great deal of specific information, like first pass yield, parts per million (PPM) rate and defects per million opportunities (DPMO) rate, is available in an instant. Values and their statistical correlations are displayed in closer detail on various charts, such as Pareto diagrams for defects, sorted according to their frequency.

The user can scan the barcodes of the electronic assemblies with the smartphone camera. The Viscom app promptly displays inspection results and defects that have already been verified. Additionally, a returned product with its entire history can be precisely identified immediately.

Overall, the Viscom app brings significant added value to quality assurance while increasing transparency in internal company coordination and logistics.


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