Multitest ecoAmp Kelvin: Approved Contactor for Automotive High Volume Production

Major IDM selects ecoAmp Kelvin Contactor for high power testing

Multitest’s ecoAmp Kelvin Contactor successfully passed an in-depth evaluation phase at a major IDM. Based on the performance, which was demonstrated in a challenging high power application, the customer decided to make the Multitest ecoAmp Kelvin Contactor their strategic test interface product for existing and future high power test applications at high volume production.

ecoAmp’s patented probe design for optimum heat dissipation, highest current carrying capacity and proven self-cleaning wipe, convinced with leading technical performance and test result repeatability as well as with best reliability, long spring life and high yield.

Georg Trenker, Project Manager, explains: “ecoAmp is a well-established Kelvin contacting solution, which leverages decades of experience. Our reliable and long lasting Cantilever spring solution fully meets the customer’s requirement to do high power testing at low cost of test.”

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