Nano Stencil Clean™

Nano Stencil LLC

From the makers of Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaners and 440-R SMT Detergent, Nano Stencil  Clean was formulated specifically to safely clean all types of solder paste from nano-coated stencils and misprinted PCBs.

The new technology of applying a nano coating to solder paste stencils has shown significant advances to improving print yields. However, many of the nano chemistries used to provide a hydrophobic and oleophobic surface to the apertures and underside of the stencil are sensitive to elevated pH cleaning chemistries. Until the introduction of Nano Stencil Clean, manufacturers of cleaning chemicals would recommend using their “pH Neutral” cleaning chemistry. The pH Neutral cleaner would have less ill effects on the nano coating. But, because the pH Neutral product was not designed to clean solder paste, it was less effective on removing various types of solder paste from the nano coated stencil. In addition, because solvents have a neutral pH, many “pH Neutral” products obtain their neutral pH by mixing solvents into a little water and calling it a “water-based” chemistry. These “pH Neutral” products are high in VOCs and environmentally problematic.

Nano Stencil Clean is the first cleaning chemistry designed specifically to safely clean all types of solder paste from nano coated stencils. Nano Stencil Clean is environmentally safe and user safe with a low pH and nearly zero VOC content. It contains no CFCs, HCFCs, terpenes, alcohol or other hazardous ingredients and performs in ultrasonic, spray or manual cleaning applications. It is safe on all metals and plastics and REACH and RoHS compliant.

For a free sample of Nano Stencil Clean, contact Bill Schreiber at +1-818-266-4880 or e-mail . For more information go to . Nano Stencil LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Smart Sonic Corporation.


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