NanoSlic Coated Stencil

The NanoSlic® stencil is the most advanced solder paste stencil available today. The coating was developed by Florida CirTech chemists to acheive a durable, paste repelling coating that improves stencil printing significantly. Building on the proven benefits of the Slic™ stencil, advanced chemistry is used to impart a highly Hydrophobic & Oleophobic surface to the apertures and underside of the stencil. This non-stick surface resists solder paste build-up, significantly reducing the need for cleaning cycles. The Nano coating is permanently bonded to and conforms to aperture walls regardless of size or geometry. The NanoSlic® stencil improves paste release, enabling high yield printing at low area SARs (surface area ratios). NanoSlic® has a robust, abrasion surface that stands up to repeated cleaning.

We can NanoSlic® coat any of our stencils after laser cutting. Steve Wentz (408-202-9329) in Northern & Southern California or inquire for a sales person in your area.

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