New assembly film from Henkel raises the bar on reliability, provides strong adhesion at high temperature

Henkel Corporation has announced the development of a high performance assembly film designed for applications where extreme reliability is required. The material, LOCTITE® ABLESTIK® CF 3366, is an epoxy-based, silver-filled film adhesive that provides high thermal and electrical conductivity, delivering excellent heat dissipation capabilities for robust thermal management. Leapfrogging other commercial assembly films, the new Henkel material has been designed to address today’s miniaturization trends, increasing power density demands and high operating temperature environments.

LOCTITE® ABLESTIK® CF 3366 is supplied in custom sizes for use in high operating temperature environments where extreme reliability is required.

“Over the past decade, electronic parts have become smaller, more complex and higher functioning,” says Doug Katze, Global Market Segment Manager Defense & Aerospace for Henkel. “Miniaturization is happening across the board – not only in the well-known consumer and handheld markets, but also in sectors such as aerospace and automotive, pushing the limits of already harsh environments. Our new assembly film accounts for these dynamics, delivering excellent adhesion performance at very high temperature.”


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