New Dymax SpeedMask® 9-7001 available today from Ellsworth Adhesives Europe

Leading distributor of industrial adhesives and adhesive applicators, Ellsworth Adhesives Europe is pleased to announce the addition of the new Dymax SpeedMask® 9-7001 to its product range. This peelable maskant for PWB Connectors and Board Level is designed to create protection for connectors and board surfaces during solvent based or light-curable conformal coating applications in PWB assembly.

A new aspect of the enhanced SpeedMask® range is the ability of the 9-7001 masking resin to facilitate curing within seconds. This is advantageous to the end user since it enables faster processing, greater output and lower shrinkage, whilst
eliminating the need for tacks.

As the newest member of the Dymax electronic masking family, 9-7001 cures upon exposure to light and has been designed mindfully to ensure that when curing with Dymax light-curing spot lamps, focused-beam lamps or flood lamps the optimum speed and performance is delivered. By choosing Dymax lamps, the ideal balance of UV and visible light for the most rapid, deepest cures can be guaranteed.

The SpeedMask® 9-7001 from Dymax has a number of additional benefits and features, making it the valued choice when electronically masking. Product highlights include: UV/Visible Light Curing, one-layer protection, compatibility with gold and copper connector pins, resistance to solvent based conformal coatings and primers, and non-slumping when dispensed.

Highly effective when applied in a variety of applications including masking for solvent based conformal coating applications and masking for wave solder or reflow, Dymax 9-7001 is the perfect choice to replace traditional masking materials.

In addition, a unique component of Dymax 9-7001 is its ability to efficiently remove the silicone and halogen-free maskant, guaranteeing that no ionic contamination or silicone will be left behind as with other masking methods. It is also important to note that SpeedMask® resins contain no nonreactive solvents.

Dymax SpeedMask® light-curable temporary masking resins provide stable protection to component surfaces and cavities during surface finishing and preparation operations for metal, glass and some plastics.

SpeedMask® resins are easily activated by syringe or through dipping, spray, or screen-printing. They are available in peelable, water-soluble, or burn-off grades enabling component surfaces to remain residue- free. Moreover, the 9-7001 offers the additional advantage of lower processing costs.

Ellsworth Adhesives Europe is an official distributor of Dymax UV Curing Products. To enquire about this material or any other products within the Ellsworth range please contact:


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