New economy vapor phase soldering machine from IBL Technologies

IBL SV540IBL Technologies, LLC announced the launch of its new SV540 Economy Vapor Phase Soldering Machine for individual and series production. The low-cost system features a maximum board size of 540 x 360 x 80 mm, fits through doorways for small production areas, and has built-in profiling capabilities.

The SV540 reflow vapor phase soldering machine has been designed for small to mid-volume production. It is ideal for soldering BGAs, LGAs and MID units. The SV540 has a small footprint, a fluid filter system, and can be connected to an exhaust or small filter system to remove solder odors. Additional features include:


  • Powerful front loader
  • Two-chamber design for low consumption
  • Oxygen free soldering
  • No overheating of components
  • No ΔT´s throughout the assembly

IBL Technologies offers a full line of single vapor batch and inline type reflow systems.


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