New high performance CR300 cartridge retainer launched

We have announced the launch of our new CR300 Cartridge Retainer.

Fully compatible with 1/10″ gallon cartridges and both plastic and metal caulking type cartridges (300/310ml), this Fisnar CR300 cartridge retainer has been developed with a new seal design, guaranteeing greater seal performance and durability by sealing directly onto the inside of the “inserted” cartridge.

The high-grade anodised alloy retainer and cap ensures a safe and comfortable dispensing pressure of up to 100psi (6.9Bar). With its optimised tube design, this precision machined cartridge retainer reduces cartridge expansion whilst decreasing the risk of air ingression into the fluid, and is constructed with machined aluminium to ensure a high quality and durable long lasting product.

Equipped with a quick and easy screw on cap, the CR300 can be attached directly to a Fisnar air-powered dispenser, allowing cartridges to be used for timed and manual potting and beading dispensing.

The CR300 is incredibly versatile as it can also be used as a pressurised fluid reservoir system when used in conjunction with a Fisnar dispense valve. In addition, this cartridge retainer is fully compatible with the Fisnar robot brackets, valve stands and syringe barrel filling station, planned to launch shortly.

Designed for long lasting use, this new cartridge retainer works efficiently with Fisnar 1/10th gallon cartridge adapter nuts to convert the male thread on a standard caulking type cartridge to a conventional female 1/4″ NPT thread. As such, a conventional 1/4″ nozzle can be directly fitted for large volume dispensing, or a luer-lock adaptor can be fitted in conjunction with luer-lock dispense tips for small volume dispensing directly from the cartridge. Manufactured with long lasting durability, these cartridge nuts are available as two variants – acetal white and stainless steel to ensure 100% chemical compatibility.

Please contact to enquire about the CR300 Cartridge Retainer.


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