New high voltage Reed Relays for up to 10kV

High-Voltage-Relay-New6768Pickering Electronics have expanded their Reed Relay range to include the new Series 67 and 68, ideal for high voltage applications. These new relays are available for up to 10kV stand-off, switching up to 7.5kV, with an option of either PCB or flying lead switch connections. The relays are suitable for high voltage transformer and cable test and some electro-medical applications such as defibrillators.

The unusual package design does present some interesting packing possibilities for high density applications as well, such as multiplexers and matrices in instrumentation and test systems. 5, 12 and 24 volt coils are available as standard, and other voltages can be supplied to special order, as can variations in the lead length of the Series 68 range.

Similar in specification to the long established Pickering Series 60/65, these new relays are constructed using a lead frame with pins in a Single-in-line (SIL) format. The use of former-less coils dispenses with the more usual coil supporting bobbin, allowing a smaller package than similar rated devices. All newer style Pickering Reed Relays also have full magnetic screening which permits side by side operations, allowing for higher packing densities.

Pickering Electronics are worldwide manufacturers and distributors of instrumentation grade Reed Relays for ATE, Low thermal EMF, RF switching and other specialist applications. Pickering’s reed relays are available in Surface Mount, Single-in-Line (SIL), Dual-in-Line (DIL) and many other popular package styles.

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